How Affection Boosts Brain Power

The Pleasure Principle

The key to building your baby's preverbal communication skills is to make the process fun. Although each infant's response to parental overtures is as individual as her fingerprints, give these pleasure enhancers a try:

  • Talk and babble to her, using a variety of high and low pitches and soft to loud volume.
  • Offer her a range of different facial expressions while talking and babbling.
  • Massage her with a gentle touch while telling her what you are doing.
  • Gently move her arms and legs while talking to her and looking at her.
  • Rock her, fast and slow, while bathing her in smiles, words, and sounds.

If these methods don't work, experiment with your own. Remember not to exhaust your little partner; ease off if she seems overstimulated. When you do find a technique that works, add variations to keep her engaged. If peekaboo is a hit, for example, try popping up on "Boo!" in a different spot each time.

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