How Affection Boosts Brain Power

How Love Boosts Brainpower

The activities that make your baby feel secure and loved also build his intelligence. By responding to his signals, you give meaning to his experiences and let him know that his actions have an impact. If he could talk, he might say, "Hey -- when I do this, she does that. The world can be purposeful and logical!" As he plays with you, he is taking the first steps toward creative and rational thinking. Give-and-take games (you offer an item, he takes it) help him grow more physically coordinated as well. He's learning that his looking, listening, and reaching skills can all work together.

Two-way communication also helps your child become empathic. As he learns that his actions and feelings have an effect on you, he starts to see you as an individual, separate from himself. His awareness of you as a caring person will lead him to respond by caring about you. And it is through mutual concern that a person's moral sense evolves.

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