Let's Play: Classic Games to Play with Your Baby

Where's Your Nose?

You can start playing this game any time, but your baby won't join in until he's 3 or 4 months. Start simple: Ask, "Where's your nose?" then point and say, "There it is!" Repeat the nose a few times before going on to other features and, eventually, body parts.

Why it's so great: Your baby is exploring the world by becoming aware of himself. "Spatial awareness is an important developmental skill, and body awareness comes first," says Dee Acklie, PhD, director of special education at the College of Saint Mary, in Omaha.

How to make it even better: As your baby starts to understand that things have a name, encourage him to point himself. At first he may show more interest in you, pointing to your nose instead of his own. Soon he'll catch on a sign he's developing a sense of self and his coordination and confidence will grow as he correctly IDs body parts.

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