Games to Play in Your Baby's First Year

6 to 9 Months

Boom Ball

Drop a ball into a plastic container (or use your baby's favorite fill-and-spill toy), and when the ball hits the bottom, cry out "boom!" Then let baby try. Say "boom" when he succeeds.


Give your baby one end of a sock while you hold the other. Gently pull the sock toward you. Show him how to pull his end. Pretend that he's so strong that he pulls you over!

Creepy Crawlers

Babies love being tickled, and this finger play also teaches them animal names and sounds. Creep your fingers up baby's arm, singing, "Here comes the doggie, here comes the doggie, woof, woof, woof," and tickle under his arm. Next, "Here comes the cat, meow, meow." Continue with other animals and their sounds.

Pony Ride

Sit your baby on your lap, bouncing her to this tune: "Ride yourself to market, ride yourself to Lynn. Just be careful that you don't fall in!" Widen your legs on the last line so you can dip baby down between them.

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