Games to Play in Your Baby's First Year

3 to 6 Months

Where's Your Nose?

This classic name-the-body-parts game makes use of a baby's desire at this age to grab your ears and nose: Put your baby's hand on your eye and say "eye." Bring her hand to your ear and say "ear," and so on. Then ask, "Where is baby's ear?" and show her by placing her hand on her own ear and saying, "Here it is!"

Reach for Me

Hold your baby's favorite rattle just out of reach and shake it to encourage him to grab it. Once he grabs it, hold it up a little higher. Continue for as long as it holds his interest.

Fly the Friendly Skies

Hold your baby firmly underneath her chest and belly, along your arm. "Fly" her around the room as you make the "vroom" of an airplane, or squeal "Wheee!" and watch her eyes widen in wonder!

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