Games to Play in Your Baby's First Year

These games are fun -- and your baby learns from them too!


Almost as soon as your baby's born, you're eager for the day when the two of you can play together. Playing isn't just a way for your baby to pass the time -- it's the way he learns how his body and the world work. Fortunately, playtime with a 6-month-old doesn't require much. Your baby's favorite toy is you: Each time you bring your face close to him and whisper "Boom!" to your infant's delight, you're playing a baby game. Even something as simple as a bath is an opportunity for fun and games. ("This is the way we wash our ears... ")

Likewise, switching a light on and off is magic to a young baby (though it's a game Mom may only be able to take for so long!). A lot of these games come to us naturally. The most important thing is the give-and-take interaction with your child. So make up songs about tiny toes, dance your baby around the house, and just have fun.

Playing With Baby: Memory Building Activities
Playing With Baby: Memory Building Activities

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