Activities to Enhance Baby's Cognitive Development: 0-3 Months

Jamie Loehr M.D, and Jen Meyers, authors of "Raising Your Child" suggest taking these steps to encourage Baby's cognitive development.

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Read to Your Baby

Yes, even to your newborn. Show her picture books with bright colors and high-contrast patterns. She'll love looking at the pictures and listening to your voice.

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Talk to Your Baby

Look at her, smile at her, and engage her in conversation from the day she is born. She will love listening to you.

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Hang a Mobile above Her Crib

Hang a mobile with high-contrast patterns above the changing table or in her crib, if you use one. Alternatively, create a floor gym with several hanging toys for her to lie beneath, look at, and reach for.

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Hang Up Mirrors

Place an unbreakable mirror in the crib or next to the changing table for her to see her face and movements. Position a large mirror low on the wall so she can see herself when she is playing on the floor.

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Play with Toys that Make Sound

Provide toys that make different sounds, including musical toys that make noise when touched. Your baby will learn that hitting the toy will make a pleasant noise.

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Sing to Her

Play music. Sing! Don't restrict yourself to kids' music simply because you have a baby. Your child will love whatever music you play for her, so choose something you like to listen to as well.

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Raising Your Child

Raising Your Child: The Complete Illustrated Guide is an information-packed guide that leads parents through the ever changing maze of new behaviors, developments, and challenges present in a child's first six years. It is filled with essential information, expert advice, practical solutions, and key choices to ensure a child's healthy development for their first six years -- and set them up for success in later developmental stages. In addition to understanding their child's stage of development, readers are given parenting techniques and activities they can use with their child to maximize physical, emotional, intellectual, and behavioral development at every age and stage.

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