Can You Build a Better Baby?

DHA-Fortified Formula

The Claim: Feeding a baby formula that contains DHA will raise a child's IQ.

The Truth: Though some studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids (including DHA) can improve intelligence and visual development in babies born prematurely, no one's been able to document the same effects in healthy, full-term infants, says Dr. Sanghavi. In other words, there's no hard evidence that using formula with added DHA -- or boosting the omega-3 acids in your diet (found in foods like salmon and walnuts) if you breastfeed -- makes a big difference. These formulas are also more expensive, which can be tough if you're on a budget.

The Bottom Line: Springing for the DHA-enriched formula is certainly not going to hurt your baby, but may not help much either. If you can't afford the extra cost, don't stress about it. But continue to prioritize good nutrition once your baby begins solids.

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