How Babies Interact Online


No matter what form your online baby book takes, protect your child's privacy with these tips from Donna Rice Hughes, CEO and president of the online safety group Enough is Enough.

  • There are no take-backs. Anything posted online can be archived forever on the host's server, and even things posted to your private Facebook account can be leaked unwittingly by friends or family, so think twice before you post.
  • Don't share where you live. Avoid writing about places that will show where you are, and use caution with photos; park names, house numbers, and license plates can give clues to your whereabouts.
  • Know your tech. Many phones, cameras, and tablets come equipped with a GPS feature, and posting a picture from them will automatically give your location to those who know how to find it. Ask about these features -- and especially how to disable them -- whenever you buy new gizmos.

Originally published in the November 2011 issue of Parents magazine.

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