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Ana Ayala

Courtesy of Sarah Ayala

Twenty-month-old Ana moved all the way from Brisbane, Australia, to a new home in Oregon. Now, she updates her followers on all of her fun adventures in America.

Follow her if Aussie accents and Down Under-style spelling tickle your fancy.
Best Cultural Observation An entire post dedicated to "massive" U.S. items like cars, ice-cream buckets, and home appliances.


You Know I've Been There When...
The entire contents of Mum's wallet is on the floor. The TV remote control is in the recycling bin... again. Peter Rabbit has been stuffed in the temperature-control panel. There are little handprints on the glass, just at my height. Mum's bra is missing.


"I was quite surprised how quickly after Ana's birth I wanted to do something other than diaper changes and feeding," says Sarah Ayala. "It was important for me personally to have something of my own to work on."

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