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Cole Ludwig

Courtesy of Sarah Ludwig

Cole Ludwig began blogging at 4 months (with a little help from his mom, Sarah) to keep his extended family up-to-date on his daily adventures. At 26 months, he now holds sweepstakes and contests for his many admirers, writes recurring columns, and tweets to 600 followers.

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Best Tweet @ColeEmett: Mommy keeps saying she's not a jungle gym. I disagree.


It's Good to Be Cute
Mommy read an article about how physically attractive people have an easier time gaining employment and, once employed, typically earn higher wages than their less attractive counterparts. I don't know about all that, but being cute? It has certain advantages.

A smile for the lady at the bakery? Earns me a free cookie. Peek at the policeman in the deli before burying my head in Mommy's shoulder? A free sticker for me! Bat my eyelashes at the man in Dunkin' Donuts? Yes, please, I love Munchkins! Wave and chat with the receptionist at the X-ray place, while Mommy fills out forms? She gave me a toy car! So my advice to the toddlers out there? Practice your flirting skills and work 'em!


"I don't put anything on the blog that I think he'd find embarrassing someday," says Sarah Ludwig. "My barometer for posting is that if I wouldn't show or say it in the supermarket in my town, I don't show or say it online."

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