Make Your Baby Laugh!

Raise a Funny Kid

A good sense of humor is high on the list of traits we value in children, but there aren't exactly flash cards for funny. Follow the tips below to grow a tot who gets the joke.

Enjoy His Pranks

Whether they're mixing up animal sounds or telling wacky riddles, most kids live to get a laugh out of Mom and Dad. When you yuk it up, your babe is motivated to perfect her comedic timing.

Chuckle Often

By laughing, you show your kid what's funny. Try pointing out the amusing aspects of daily life. (Is that dog wearing a rain hat?)

Play More

Cut loose, Mama! "Laughter is a tension reliever," says Lawrence Cohen, Ph.D., author of Playful Parenting. Plus, clowning around with your wee cohort builds your sense of connection--a boon whether or not he turns into the next Adam Sandler.

Originally published in the August 2011 issue of American Baby magazine.

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