Checklist: Best Baby Discipline Tips

Time-outs aren't that effective with children under age 2. Here's what to do when your older infant starts doing something she knows she shouldn't.

___ Give her a warning look. (Always a good way to start.)

___ Change your tone of voice and speak to her sternly. We're not talking yelling, but a low, serious-sounding "Sophie..." might do the trick.

___ Try not to say "no" unless she's in danger of hurting herself or doing something seriously off-limits, like biting. Save it for the most serious offenses.

___ Whisk her away from the situation and put her in a different room.

___ Hold her on your lap -- or, if she's hitting, grab her hands and keep them still for a moment.

___ Redirect her. If she keeps throwing hard blocks, for example, offer her a soft ball to toss, instead.

___ Give her tons of praise and encouragement when she does follow the rules.

___ Give her a hug or smooch after you discipline her -- to let her know that you still love her, even if you don't like what she did.

___ Be consistent! Otherwise she'll get confused and not know what you really expect from her.

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