Witty Onesies

These funny snapsuits show off a budding sense of humor.

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Your baby may not be able to say much now, so make sure her wardrobe does the talking for her. These cheeky onesies are good for a laugh; snap them up for your pint-size comedian.

Pimp My Stroller

If baby's ride is even more souped up than yours, you'll love this plucky snapsuit. Available at babesta.com, $20.

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Baby Seeks Same

Out of the womb, and ready to mingle. Babywit, available at babywit.com, starts at $20.

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Daddy's Got Street Cred

Dad's down with changing diapers and burp duty (and yes, Mommy can be a homegirl too). Chase's Closet, available at chasescloset.com, $26.

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Must Wash Hands

Let this serve as a friendly reminder to all the germ-y well-wishers out there. Intuition, available at shopintuition.com, $15.

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Little Moneymaker

It's never too early to get the college fund started. Wry Baby, available at wrybaby.com, $24.

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Extraterrestrial Appeal

Aliens go cuddly (and hip-hop) for your little Trekkie-in-training. Dirty Laundry, available at dirtylaundrytees.com, $45.

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