Gotta Have It: Right Bank Babies Reversible Dress

Get two looks for the price of one with this adorable reversible dress.
Right Bank Babies Reversible Dress

Baby is too-cute-for-words in her sassy new dress. And you're just about to head out the door when she spews all down the front of it (you took your chances skipping that bib.) Time to change her and inevitably be late for wherever you're going. How to trim the time in changing that outfit? Enter the reversible (and incredibly stylish) dress by Right Bank Babies. They're a little pricey, but you can justify the purchase since you're getting such an excellent deal -- essentially two frocks for the price of one.

Designed by two moms from Los Angeles, the genius dresses (the creators call them "flip-flop frocks") have a chic, simple A-line cut and come in tons of fun, bright fabrics. Celebs love them, too. Project Runway host Heidi Klum has dressed daughter Leni in one. And they have smart details, like double-sided buttons. We can hear Michael Kors' snappy judgment: "Now that is a fabulous touch."

In summer, the dresses are perfect on their own; in winter, layer them with pants, hoodies, or tights. Right Bank Babies also makes adorable rompers that work for boys or girls. And if you want to play designer, they do custom orders.

The dresses are $52.50 and the rompers are $55. Right Bank Babies designs are available at select boutiques nationwide and at

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