Starting a Family Day Care

What Are the Requirements?

The requirements for running a home day care vary from state to state, but a regulated family child-care home is generally allowed up to six or seven children per provider, with no more than two children under the age of 2. Group child care usually means up to 12 children are allowed with another adult assistant caregiver present. Although each state is different in its licensing and registration requirements, count on needing the following:

  • Background check: A background check and/or fingerprinting of you and every member of your household over age 18.
  • Extra insurance: Some insurance carriers allow you to purchase riders for your homeowners insurance; others have separate policies for home day cares.
  • CPR and first-aid certification: In addition to CPR and first-aid certification, some states ask for another 10-30 hours of course work in child abuse prevention training, child development, curriculum and activities, nutrition, or other health education.
  • Physical examination: A physical exam for you and periodic tuberculosis tests for your whole family.

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