Childcare Conundrums, Solved

Nutrition Issues

They're feeding them what?!


Barbara Pantaleo, of Clifton, New Jersey, first suspected something was amiss with what her 4-year-old daughter was eating at daycare when Angela started getting very constipated. "That made me think she wasn't eating the right foods there, because when she eats at home, she's fine," Pantaleo says. When she raised these concerns, the center's director, told her that the children were served a vegetable soup; but Angela said there wasn't any soup, just corn, dill pickles, and canned peaches. Pantaleo decided not to question the director about the discrepancy and instead chose to rally other parents to petition for healthier fare.

What the experts say

Propose to change the lunch and snack menu. "If it's a good school and the director respects parents, you should get a positive response, especially if you haven't put that person on the defensive," Rigney-Hill says. But the bottom line is that you need to decide where nutrition ranks on your list of daycare priorities. "If you just can't stomach the food options, you may have to consider finding another daycare," she adds.

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