4 Steps to Finding a Super Babysitter

With a little preparation, stepping out doesn't have to be a leap of faith.

Anxious First-Timer

Child Care: Tips for Choosing a Good Nanny
Child Care: Tips for Choosing a Good Nanny
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There wasn't a person alive who could have pulled me away from my first baby. We were inseparable. But once we reached the 10-month mark, my husband and I finally decided we needed an official night out. Until then, I'd relied primarily on my mother, who'd step in to help when I had to go to the doctor or run an errand. But there soon came a Saturday when we were desperate for a night out -- and my mom was unavailable. I was finally forced to find my first babysitter.

She came highly recommended by friends and was perfectly lovely in person. But as an anxious new mom, I still found myself phoning home several times during the evening to find out how my daughter was faring. Rushing into the house that night, I was sure I'd find my baby upset and missing us. But Miranda was sleeping peacefully, and the sitter reported that they'd had a wonderful time together.

When you're still getting used to being a mom yourself, it can be hard to entrust your baby to someone else's care. Still, you and your husband need some time alone. Since it's tough to feel calm -- much less romantic -- if you're worrying about your baby, invest some time now in nabbing a reliable sitter. Here's how to find the best fit.

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