A reliable babysitter who your baby loves is priceless. Learn how to find a babysitter, what questions to ask, and more.

Mom's LOL Video Nails the Difference Between Leaving Baby #1 and Baby #3

This mom's video hilariously shows the difference between dropping off her first child at Grandma's vs. her third.

Choosing a Babysitter

Helpful tips for finding a great sitter for your little one.

4 Steps to Finding a Super Babysitter

With a little preparation, stepping out doesn't have to be a leap of faith.

This Dad's Note to His Son's Babysitter Is Classic New-Parent Crazy

All new parents can relate to the lengthy list of instructions this new dad emailed to his son's first babysitter.

Hiring Grandma

The pros and cons of having your mom as baby's caregiver.

Moms Speak out on Horrifying Babysitter Moments

Hear some funny -- and some not-so-funny -- babysitter stories from other moms.

What Makes a Great Daycare

An insider's guide to choosing a high-quality program for your child.

Finding a Babysitter

Need a good babysitter? Parents TV's Kris Eisenhauer shows why a professional nanny agency may be the place to look!!

Granny as Nanny

Who better to care for your child? No need to check references, and the price is right! But consider a few things before asking a family member to be your chief babysitter.

"I'm Afraid My Baby Will Like Her Caregiver More Than Me!"

It's not uncommon to fear baby's attachment to another woman.

Print It! Babysitter Checklist

Have you updated your emergency contact info lately?

Top 15 Things to Know About Childcare

Hiring a caregiver? Don't fret--there are some great babysitters out there. Here are 15 pointers to help you find the one who's right for you and your child.

Child Care: How to Find Quality Child Care

Need to go back to work after maternity leave? Here's how to find the best child care for your baby or toddler.

Child Care: Should You Hire a Family Member?

More grandparents than ever before are caregivers for their grandchildren. Before "Nana" becomes "Nanny," watch our video for some pointers.

5 Common Babysitting Blunders

Here are the top no-nos parents don't realize they often make.

Checklist: Babysitter Basics

In-home care, in which your child's caretaker comes to your home, is in many ways the most convenient for parents. In-home sitters range from trained nannies, who may have training in child development and first aid, to women who, although not trained formally, have had many years' experience caring for children, including their own. Or you might opt for an au pair, a young person, usually a woman in her early twenties, often from abroad, who lives with your family.

How to Build a Successful Babysitting Cooperative

Free babysitting?! It's possible in a cooperative. Here, the biggest challenges and advantages to setting up one in your community.

Sitter Jitters

The only thing standing between you and a great night out is a baby-sitter you can trust. Here's how to find one who will put your mind at ease.