Baby Grooming Tips

Manage That Mop

You've had your own hair drama, but nothing prepares you for the conditions of your infant's head.

  • Is he flaky? Cradle cap makes an infant's scalp both oily and peeling. Yucky, yes, but it doesn't bother Baby a bit. Resist the urge to pick at it. Use a cradle-cap treatment or just let it clear up on its own.
  • Losing it? "Many dark-haired babies part with their newborn hair later because the growing pattern changes," Dr. Cohen says. "It's totally normal." Babies with light hair at birth have already gone through this shedding process in the womb, which is why they enter the world with less hair.
  • Bald spots? Sometimes there's less hair where your baby's head hits the mattress or car seat. "It's cosmetic," Dr. Barrio says. "Tummy time helps."

Originally published in the September 2012 issue of American Baby magazine.

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