How to Select a Pediatrician

Decide If You Click

Other factors may seem superficial but can still affect your rapport -- for instance, some people prefer a young female pediatrician, but others want a grandfatherly type. And some parents only have eyes for a doctor with parenting experience, no matter what their age. When Kim Pulvers, mom of two boys, chose her first son's doctor in Prairie Village, Kansas, she was most comforted by his having three children older than her own. "I liked that he knew what was coming for our son and what we were going through. He shared his firsthand experiences but balanced that with expert information."

The most important thing: Do you and this doctor click? In going through her basic questions, Thompson came away with a good gut feeling about her prospective pediatrician. "She had a personality that meshed well with mine," Thompson says. "She was patient with me without being condescending and wasn't so high strung or serious that she stressed me out."

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