Checklist: Questions To Ask the Pediatrician You're Considering

Office and Staff

Evaluate the office:

Consider location when choosing a pediatrician. If your baby is sick, you won't want to travel far to get to the doctor, so it's a good idea to find one in your community.

Is the waiting area clean, and does it have clean toys and books?

Is there a separate waiting area for sick kids?

Is the staff friendly and helpful?

Do other patients seem to be waiting for a long time?

Finally, ask the staff about:


Does the practice accept your insurance?

Does it accept a variety of plans in case your coverage changes?

Is a payment plan possible if you are not covered?

Hospital Affiliation

Which hospital is the doctor affiliated with?

Does your insurance cover services there?

What specialists are on staff?

Is there 24-hour visiting for parents?

If your child has to be admitted, can you stay overnight with him or her?

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