Preparing for Your First Outing with Baby

Stroller Derby

You finally get packed and ready to go on your first big shopping trip. When you arrive at the store, you realize your giant stroller won't fit through the aisles.

Trying to maneuver an SUV-size stroller through a display of delicate doodads is a recipe for disaster. That's why a well-prepared mom always packs an alternate mode of transportation for her baby. For a suburban mom, this means leaving the stroller in the car and popping your little one into a front carrier or sling. Many moms report that they always leave the carrier in the stroller just in case. When your baby gets a little bigger, you can buy an inexpensive umbrella stroller (a good one can be had for under $20), and use that as your shopping wheels.

If you're strolling in the city and don't have a car with you, politely ask the store manager if there's a place up front where you can leave the stroller while you shop, suggests Jennie Dunham, a mother of one in North Salem, New York. Then just carry the baby while you browse (remember not to leave any valuables in the stroller). If your stroller is so enormous that you can't even get it through the front door, well, that's why they invented Internet shopping.

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