Preparing for Your First Outing with Baby

Nursing Nightmares

You nursed your baby before you left for the post office, but just as you're getting to the front of the endless line, she starts screaming her head off. The pacifier isn't pacifying, and your breasts are starting to leak.

When a baby is hungry, she doesn't care if you're at the post office, on a conference call, or in a receiving line to meet the Queen. She wants food and she wants it now. And since a newborn's feeding schedule can be highly erratic, it is inevitable that you will find yourself needing to nurse in the most inconvenient places.

First thing to remember: A baby is not going to starve if you wait 10 minutes to feed her, so as long as you don't mind some nasty looks from other customers, stay in line, mail your package, and then worry about mealtime. Sometimes picking her up, bouncing her around, and letting her suck on your finger will buy you a few minutes.

Then, do what you have to do, whether that means plopping down on the floor and nursing or retreating to your car for a little more privacy. "The first time I breastfed in public was when my daughter was 5 weeks old," reports Cheryl Murillo, a mother of one in Brooklyn, New York. "I was in an H&M store when she started to scream for food. There was a really long line for the fitting rooms, so I just sat down on a T-shirt display and nursed her right there," she remembers.

One popular way to feed your baby without anyone knowing is to use a sling, which positions the baby perfectly to nurse while his head and your breast are covered up. The best part about this method: You can go about your business while your baby dines away to his delight.

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