Preparing for Your First Outing with Baby

Stinky Situations

Your baby makes a monster poop that can be smelled three towns over. The problem? You're out shopping. Not only does the public bathroom have a broken changing station, but it also looks like it hasn't been cleaned since the Carter Administration.

If you're in a mall, try to find the nearest baby clothes store, toy store, or large bookstore with a children's section. Chances are, they'll have more adequate changing stations -- or at least the staff won't mind if you change the baby on the floor. Always have a changing pad on hand. Disposable ones, such as Pee Wee pads, are the best for big messes because you can toss them in the trash. In a pinch, you can use your sweater or jacket.

For simple diaper swaps, chairs at Starbucks, the backseat of your car, or your stroller all work well. Christy Blackmon, a mom of two in Mobile, Alabama, is a big fan of using her own lap as a changing table. "First, open the wipes and clean diaper and put them next to you. Then lay the baby across your lap, balancing his head and neck on one thigh and his lower torso on the other," she explains. "Cross one arm over him, and use the other hand to unsnap his pants and diaper. Tuck the top of the dirty diaper under the baby's bottom. Clean his bottom with a wipe, and then lift up his legs, slide out the dirty diaper, and quickly replace it with a clean one."

Blackmon advises you to flex your feet to keep your thighs even so baby won't slide off. Wherever you choose to change baby, remember to seal up the diaper in a zipper bag so others don't have to share the smell. And never throw a dirty diaper in a trash can that's close to where people are eating or drinking.

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