Your Newborn's Physical Features

Babies aren't born all pink and plump. When you first lay eyes on your baby, chances are you'll think he's absolutely perfect, but you can't help noticing that his body has a few blemishes. So what's normal? Here, a head-to-toe guide to your newborn's birthday suit.


If you gave birth vaginally, your baby's head may be elongated or misshapen as a result of his journey through the birth canal. Forceps sometimes leave depressions or bruises. If he has a lump at the crown of his head from pushing against the cervix, it should disappear within days. The two soft spots on your baby's head, called fontanels, are areas where the bones of the skull have not yet fused together, which made it possible for baby's head to squeeze through the birth canal. Your baby's eyes may be swollen and puffy, his nose squashed, and he may even have bruises on his face.

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