Establishing a Routine for Baby

Get Back on Track

Whether it's a result of travel, teething, or a bad cold, there will inevitably be times when your newly established routine gets totally thrown off. Here's how to cope.

  • Go with the flow. If your baby is sick, just give her what she needs when she needs it. When you're traveling or have visitors, try to keep one part of your routine constant: Usually bedtime is the easiest to stick to.
  • Try, try again. No matter how you got off track, the secret to a really useful routine is to return to it, even if it feels like you're starting from scratch for a few days. Begin with your sleep routine, then work your way back to your usual feeding and playtime rituals.
  • Provide TLC. Your newborn will be a little cranky without her predictable pattern, so smother her with affection and bust out your best baby soothers, like a calming CD, swaddling, or a warm bath.

Originally published in the March 2009 issue of Parents magazine.

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