How Do You Soothe Baby's Cries?

We asked our readers to share their strategies for stopping those tears.

On the Ball

My baby would cry his heart out, and nothing worked until I hit on this: Sit on an exercise ball, and hold baby securely in your arms while gently bouncing. The ball has been our savior.
Jennifer, DeBary, Florida

Keep on Rocking Me, Baby

I sit in the rocker with Kaitlyn, pat her bottom, rock her, and sing her the chorus of Bon Jovi's "Who Says You Can't Go Home" over and over until she nods off. It works every time. Thank you, Bon Jovi!
Kiria, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Three's the Charm

The formula for calming my occasionally fussy, thrashy 3-month-old is the three B's: burrito-ing (swaddling), binkying (pacifier), and bouncing (putting her in a bouncer, rocking her, or doing some other kind of motion). When Charley's crying, I often find my husband wrapping her up in a receiving blanket and asking her if she wants to "bink 'n' bounce."
Jessica, Oregon City, Oregon

The Canine Cure

When my daughter was just a couple of months old, we found out that if we sang "How Much Is That Doggy in the Window?" she would laugh every time we barked. Now at 15 months, all we have to do is bark, and she smiles in no time.
Kimberly, Morristown, Pennsylvania

Water Works

When my son is inconsolable, I put him in the bathtub. The sound of the water from the showerhead and the splish-splash fun he has makes him forget all his worries.
Charlotte, Houston, Texas

Hop Along

The trick that works for our family is "the stampede stomp." Basically, while holding the baby you jump forward and backward. This has worked magic though the years with our kids -- from soothing a newborn to consoling a 6-year-old with a scraped knee.
Felicia, Lake County, California

Sweep Those Tears Away

Here's what works for our 2-month-old: Put her in the swing, and turn on the vacuum. The minute we turn it off, she cries!
Tara, Houston, Texas

Originally published in American Baby magazine, November 2006.

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