Handling Baby's Colic

Stay Calm, Parents

Finally, remember to take care of yourself. Babies with colic are difficult at their best moments and downright exhausting the rest of the time. Put your baby down and walk away if you feel yourself getting agitated. Never allow yourself to become angry or frustrated to the point of shaking your child. The delicate blood vessels in babies' brain can tear and bleed with a violent shaking movement, causing brain damage and sometimes even death. Shaken baby syndrome is a tragedy that too often results from frustration and anger directed at a crying baby. Remember that colic isn't something you've caused, so give yourself a break from time to time, whether it's scheduling to have a neighbor babysit for a few hours, or coming up with a schedule of "duty" between you and your spouse.

Right now, it may seem hard to believe, but there is an end in sight to the continuous crying, and having colic might even offer some advantages. Many behavioral and developmental specialists theorize that highly intense and persistent babies, such as those with colic, probably harbor a temperament that leads them to be high-achieving, motivated, successful children and adults -- all qualities that are commonly admired and rewarded as we grow up.

That's my professional pep talk. My personal testimony? That same exhausting and difficult baby is now a precocious preschooler who is always the first of her friends to do everything, from reciting The Cat in the Hat from memory to mastering a forward roll. All that energy spent crying now will be the same spark that will entertain and delight you sooner than you know it!

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