Colic Facts

Coping with Colic

Colic can be just as difficult for the parents as it is for the babies, so it's important that you take care of yourself too during this trying time.

A parent can be left feeling frustrated and hopeless when she can't seem to soothe her own child. But don't blame yourself or your baby for the constant crying -- it's nobody's fault. Instead, if you find yourself getting stressed out, see if your partner, a neighbor, or a friend could watch the baby for a while. If there's no one nearby who can relieve you, consider hiring a sitter to take over on occasion. Make sure to pamper yourself during this new free time you have. Try taking a peaceful walk or getting in a hot bath. You'll find that you can handle your baby's colic better if you're not exhausted.

As difficult as it may be, try to stay relaxed during your baby's crying jags. And don't forget that she will eventually outgrow this phase. Pretty soon, your baby will be happy and smiling again; and you'll be more at ease than you can imagine!

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