Should Your Son Be Circumcised?

Is It Important for Your Son to Look Like His Father?

If this matters to your family, then that should factor in to your decision. "Kids are different from their parents in a variety of ways -- you wear glasses, they don't; you have blue eyes, they have brown. If a child notices that you are circumcised and he's not, you just need to have a matter-of-fact conversation about how people are different," says Russell Reiff, MD, a pediatrician at Kaiser Permanente's San Francisco Medical Center. Along these same lines, parents-to-be often worry that if they don't circumcise their son, he won't look like the majority of boys -- which could open him up to teasing during the teen years. However, this is less of an issue now that fewer boys are getting snipped. Circumcision is far less common now than it was in the past, and most boys born in the U.S. today will notice a 50/50 split by the time they hit the high-school locker room.

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