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What to Wear for Special-Occasion Photos

Keep in mind that you'll get a better picture if your child is relaxed. A scratchy dress, starchy shirt, or stiff shoes may not put your kid in the best of moods. Still, if that supercute but not-so-comfortable crinoline (or blazer and bow tie) from Great-Aunt Susan needs an occasion, go for it. Just be sure to click fast -- you should be able to get at least one good shot within five minutes, right?

To keep your child looking pulled together for a family dinner or holiday party, here are some pointers:

* Rethink turtlenecks and sweaters. It's easy to become overheated in a crowded room. And kids hate to feel constricted.

* Skirts tend to bunch up, but a diaper cover can save the look.

* A cotton sweater vest paired with khakis is comfy but dressy for a boy.

* Soft, non-itchy knits are easy to care for and comfortable to wear.

* Bring an extra set of clothes, and don't forget a bib!

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