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I wish I'd known...

...that I'd need to change my nail-clipping technique as Ryan grew. When he was a newborn, my husband helped me cut his nails. Now that Ryan is older, he's stronger and less cooperative, so I clip his nails when he's sitting in the high chair. I hold one hand down on the tray and trim away.
Kelly James-Enger; Downers Grove, Illinois

...to have a towel ready when you take a rectal temp. Poop can fly everywhere!
Kelly Oechsner; Mayville, Wisconsin

...how to use a bulb syringe all by myself. When my older kids were little, I needed somebody to hold their hands and arms. Now I can do it like a champ. I grab the baby's hands with one hand, stabilize her head with my forearm, and suction with my other hand.
Clarissa Estep; Hartsville, South Carolina

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