From Sponge Baths to Tub Baths: Step-by-Step Tips

Moms' Bath-Time Hints

I put some butterflies on the ceiling above the tub. When I want my baby to look up so she won't get soap in her eyes, I ask "Where are the butterflies?" -- Alicia Lucio

Instead of pouring water on baby's head, use a turkey baster to gently get his head wet and rinse the soap off. -- Elene Fox

I hang a plastic tub mirror on the wall so that my daughter can watch me shampoo her hair. I make funny hairdos with the lather. She loves it. -- Courtney Barton

I use the suds to make a horn on each of my two boys' heads. They like playing monster with one another and don't mind the shampoo. -- Kathryn Thomas

I use a plastic watering can on my son's hair to wet and rinse it. I'm able to control the flow better and he likes to be watered so he can "grow." -- Christy Farris

I let my daughter choose her own shampoo. I also let her her "help" rinse her hair with the cup. She doesn't get as upset when she's the one who puts water on her face. -- Kristi Russo

To keep from splashing into baby's eyes, use the squirt bottle they gave you at the hospital. -- Candi Derr

Originally published in American Baby magazine, May 2005.

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