Baby Hygiene

From haircuts to manicures, tips to keep your child looking sharp.

Kids' Grooming 101

There's more to keeping kids clean and well groomed than just a nightly bath. Their fingernails need trimming, their hands are constantly dirty, and then there's the hair. Kids' hair is such a defining feature, of course you want it to look nice -- but what toddler wants to sit still to have his hair brushed, much less cut? Here's a guide to these hair-raising issues (just kidding -- with our tips, they're no big deal!) and more.

It's Tub Time

How often should you shampoo? A daily bath is fine if it's part of your regular routine, but your child doesn't need a shampoo every day, according to Cozy Friedman, founder of Cozy's Cuts for Kids in New York City and creator of So Cozy hair products. Shampooing twice a week, three times max, is adequate. More than that, and hair may become limp and flat.

Another common mistake: using too much shampoo. A nickel-size dollop is enough. If your child's hair is getting tangled or becoming dry, it could be time to switch shampoos. Older children may have different hair needs, requiring products with moisturizer or conditioner.

Hand Washing Hints

Washing hands regularly is an important habit to instill in kids -- not only does it keep them clean, but it prevents kids from getting sick. To help your child do it right -- and not just go through the motions -- make the process as easy as you can.

  • Get a step stool so he can reach the sink.
  • Choose a soap that comes in a dispenser that's easy for him to operate and fun to use.
  • Run his hands under lukewarm water and let him lather up with the soap.
  • Sing the ABC song as he rubs his hands together, which should take at least 15 seconds, the amount of time it takes to get his hands clean.
  • Don't forget to dry his hands thoroughly!

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