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How in the world can you keep a baby from fussing during a shampoo? Here's what other moms have to say:

"You don't need to pour water over your baby's head. Just take a damp -- not soaking or dripping -- washcloth and wipe the shampoo away." --Mia Riley, Everett, WA

"We got our 1-year-old used to water on his face in infancy. At 3 months, we'd hold him in the shower with us, and now he doesn't mind shampooing." --Siw Annie, Tucson, AZ

"After shampooing, I ask my kids to look up at the shower sprayer. Then I use a beach bucket to rinse off their heads." --Michelle Thomas, Confluence, PA

"Hang a bright toy from the shower-curtain bar to give your child something to look at. With one hand, gently pull down on her lower ear to keep her looking up, and use the other hand to rinse off shampoo with a large plastic cup." --Kaari Bouma, Homer, AK

"At 2, my daughter would hold a folded hand towel over her eyes. The towel got soaked, but she felt secure. Now that she's 3, I give her the shower hose; she sprays it all over the place but is happy because she's in control." --Liz Shoaff, New Castle, PA

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