Avoid the Most Common Breastfeeding Problems

Nursing? No problem! We've got smart ways to steer clear of the most common breastfeeding nuisances.

No Latch Troubles!

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"Nursing can be painful while the baby and mother are getting the hang of it, but if all is going well, the discomfort shouldn't last more than a week or so," says Mona Gabbay, M.D., creator of TheBreastFeedingDoctor.com and a nursing expert in New Rochelle, New York. If you're still experiencing pain after the first week, it could be a sign that your babe hasn't mastered the latch. Helpful checks: Your sweetie's mouth is wide open, with lips curled out; he has taken as much of the areola into his mouth as possible; he is sucking rhythmically; and you can hear regular swallows. If you need to, seek help from a lactation consultant.

How to Do the Cross Cradle Breastfeeding Position
How to Do the Cross Cradle Breastfeeding Position

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