10 Easy Fixes for Pumping at Work

More pumping problems solved

"Pumping eats up lunchtime."
The Fix:
Even if pumping doesn't count against your lunch break from your employer's perspective (ask your HR department), you're a working mom and efficiency reigns supreme. Pack a sandwich for lunch and protein-rich snacks such as string cheese and low-fat yogurt so you won't have to run out for food or succumb to "I'm starving" stress. And look for upsides. You may even make some new friends. At one point, Jean Flores, a labor and delivery nurse in Miami, was one of six women in her department hitting the pumping room. During lunch, they'd fill bottles, eat, and catch up on their charts. "We had great camaraderie and an amazing built-in support network," Flores says. Talk about nourishment!

"I have to travel for work."
The Fix:
Most crucial: Don't go without your pump's battery pack. You may need to set up shop in an airport bathroom stall that has no outlet. Lindsey Burik, a New York City mom who flew for work while pumping, advises taking a dish towel to set supplies on, pump-cleaning wipes, and a sealable plastic bag for ice. "You can't bring melted ice through security, so when flying home, I'd dump the ice that was chilling my milk before I got to security, then get new ice in the terminal," she says. She requested a mini fridge for storing milk at hotels or asked to keep her labeled bottles in a hotel fridge. And don't be shy with airport security, she says. "I'd call out, 'It's a breast pump!' They'd say, 'Oh, get her out of here!'"

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Originally published in American Baby magazine in October 2014.

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