10 Easy Fixes for Pumping at Work

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I feel awkward stripping down to pump in the mothers' room at work.
The Fix: Stick with button-downs, wrap dresses, or nursing tanks under a jacket or cardigan. Even if you have access to a private pumping room, you may find you're happier living in nursing tanks and cardis. For days when a zip-up dress is required, keep a sweater to toss over your shoulders when you have to disrobe to pump.

I can't get anything done while I pump.
The Fix: You shouldn't expect to hold court in a conference room while filling milk containers (now that's leaning in!), but there's a lot you can do -- say, catch up on email, review a document, or sit in on conference calls with the speaker on mute (no one will have a clue). You may even find that certain tasks benefit from 20 minutes of undivided attention while you pump.

My milk supply is dropping now that I nurse less and pump more.
The Fix: When you're with your little one in the evening and on weekends, nurse often. The more milk you're moving, the more you'll make. You can also add a pumping session immediately after your baby's first morning feed. Your body tends to make the most milk in the morning, Howett says. Plus, most babies sleep their longest stretch at night, so you're likely to wake up with full breasts -- enough to nurse your baby and express a few ounces. Do guzzle fluids. "A lot of women who tell me they're not making enough milk aren't drinking enough water," says Teresa Hoffman, M.D., an ob-gyn in Baltimore. You need 15 glasses a day outside of meals -- more if you exercise, Dr. Hoffman says. You know you're hydrated when your pee is pale yellow.

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