What Breastfeeding Is Really Like

One woman's story of getting through the first tough weeks.

Getting Used to Breastfeeding

As a nutritionist who has counseled clients on the benefits of breastfeeding, I had always looked forward to the experience. Food and love are deeply linked for me, so naturally I imagined nursing would be the ultimate gratification: my very own body providing the absolute healthiest food for my baby.

I never suspected I would hate it. During the first weeks at home with my baby, I thought hourly about quitting and just aimed to get through each day. I felt utterly trapped and frustrated. There was nothing warm and fuzzy about it.

However, here I am 10 months later still nursing, and I can even say I like it. The experience has been quite an eye-opener. The truth is that nursing can be -- and, according to other moms, most often is -- a struggle at first, physically and emotionally. But the good news is that eventually breastfeeding does get easier, and then becomes a true pleasure.

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