Nursing 101: All About Breastfeeding

Holding Your Baby

There's more than one way to nurse a baby, but the best way is the one most comfortable for both of you. Here are three simple ways to cradle baby. Breastfeeding pillows and carefully folded blankets and towels can also help you prop baby in a comfortable position.

  • The Cradle Hold Lay baby lengthwise across your abdomen, using one hand to support his head and the other his bottom.
  • The Football Hold Place baby beside you face up and lengthwise. Lay him along your arm and guide his head to your breast. If you've had a c-section, you may find this hold more comfortable.
  • The Lying-Down Hold Lay baby next to you in bed, with you on your right side, he on his left. His mouth should be at the same height or slightly lower than your nipples. With your free hand, adjust baby's mouth toward the nipple closest to the bed and circle your other arm around him.

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