Breastfeeding Made Easy

Clue In Your Loved Ones

It's not easy to breastfeed when those closest to you seem clueless. "One Sunday morning, my husband wanted us all to take a walk to the park," says Annie Meyers, of Marblehead, Massachusetts. "I was nursing our 4-week-old and asked if he could wait half an hour. His reply: 'Just pull her off and reattach her at the park.'" Meyers's mother wasn't much more helpful: "She'd look at my exhausted face and say: 'Give it up. You're killing yourself. Nursing isn't really that important.' But it was to me."

Smart Steps Talk to your family now about your plans and the commitment that nursing requires from your inner circle. "Let your husband know that nursing sessions have a biological design -- the baby first gets the foremilk, then the fattier hindmilk -- so he'll really understand why it's not a good idea to interrupt you," says La Leche consultant Crouse. Keep your mother in the loop too; she may be from a generation in which nursing was less common. If she discourages you, say, "I understand your point of view, but I'm committed to nursing."

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