Breastfeeding 101

There's a lot to learn about the basics of breastfeeding a baby. Discover the benefits of breastfeeding, best breastfeeding positions, and more. Also be sure to check out our section on Breastfeeding Tips and Breast Pumping.

Celebrity Breastfeeding Photos and #Selfies

There's something remarkable about seeing your fave famous person in a tender, unstaged moment with her baby. Maybe it's the less-than-perfect lighting or the familiar hunched-over pose, but you realize in that moment that she looks an awful lot like, well, you. Which is kind of amazing. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite celebrity breastfeeding photos.

Nursing 101: All About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding may be a natural thing, but that doesn't mean it comes naturally. Here's how to make it work from the start.

How to Hold Baby While Breastfeeding

Find out how to do five common breastfeeding positions.

Combining Breastfeeding with Formula

Breast is best, but introducing some formula may actually help you keep nursing longer.

Breastfeeding Myths: Experts Set the Record Straight

There's lots of false information out there, but our experts set the record straight.

Breastfeeding 101: Letting Your Newborn Set the Schedule

When it comes to nursing, it's best to listen to your baby's needs rather than to follow your own agenda.

The Best Breastfeeding Positions for Mom and Baby

Whether you offer baby the breast or a bottle, we'll help you past the feeding and nursing roadblocks. Learn how to breastfeed by trying four popular breastfeeding positions (cradle, cross-cradle, side-lying, and football) to find the best one for you and baby. For moms who are bottlefeeding, get basic tips on how to choose a formula and other ways to position your newborn.

Breastfeeding and Alcohol

There's a good chance that you avoided wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages throughout your pregnancy. After all, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and other notable organizations advise women not to drink at all during pregnancy. Once the baby is born, however, the rules change. If you're looking to toast the arrival of your baby, here's what you need to know before you clink glasses.

Should You Avoid Certain Foods While Breastfeeding?

When it comes to nursing, moms should focus on eating a balanced diet, not on swearing off specific foods.

Your Breastfeeding Diet

Could your diet be to blame for your baby's fussiness?

10 Things to Know About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is worth trying. So you don't freak out when you fill up, we'll walk you through it.

Medications and Breastfeeding

Experts weigh in on drugs that are safe to take while you're breastfeeding.

How to Get a Good Breastfeeding Latch

Make breastfeeding easier by mastering the latch.

How to Do the Football Breastfeeding Position

Find out how to do this common breastfeeding position.

Should I Wake My Infant to Nurse?

Don't worry -- your baby will let you know when he's hungry.

Nutrition Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

The recommended daily calorie intake for nursing women is about 330 calories (or roughly 1/4) more than what they consumed before pregnancy. Here are our tips for getting those calories the smart way.

23 Great Nursing Tips from Moms

Got breastfeeding issues? Get advice from the experts -- moms who got it right.

What's Safe to Eat When Breastfeeding

You're no longer pregnant, but as a breastfeeding mom you still want to feast on food that nourishes your baby. Dig in with our primer.

Breastfeeding Basics

Key points to consider if you're breastfeeding your baby during her first year of life.

How to Pump Breast Milk

Learn all the tips and techniques you'll need to master breast pumping. We'll tell you what kind of pump you should get, when and how long you should pump, and how to store the breast milk.