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Woman Behind 'Bun in the Oven' Pregnancy Reveal Delivers Baby at 24 Weeks

"We are believing God," husband Arkell Graves says after his wife delivered their son at 24 weeks. "It's always been in His Hands, so we hold on to Him."

Amazing Twins Will Likely Be Born Four Months Apart

The baby who was delivered is "fighting for his life, waiting for the day he gets to meet his brother on the outside," says the twins' dad.

Breastfeeding Mom Kicked Out of Bathroom With Breast Pump Still Attached

No breastfeeding mom enjoys pumping, but one woman had a particularly horrific experience on a recent flight with her family.

All Children Are Exposed to Screens These Days: Study

A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that the majority of children have their own mobile device by the age of 4.

13 Must-Take Baby Photos

If you had to guess how many photos of baby you currently have on your smartphone, you'd likely estimate at least 100, right? While your pre-baby camera roll may have been dominated by pics of your perfectly posed brunch and cute selfies with your partner, these days your favorite images to capture are of your little love. The only problem? They grow up so fast! Before the baby days slip away, make sure to check off these must-take photos you'll be sure to cherish when your bundle isn't so little anymore.

Confused About Introducing Solid Foods to Baby? You're Not Alone!

Accoring to a new survey, more than half of parents say they are confused about infant nutrition.

These Are the Best (and Worst!) States to Have a Baby

A new survey found parents in some states have it a little easier than others.

Are You Offended by Perez Hilton's #Bathtime Photo?

Perez Hilton is used to lobbing barbed comments at Hollywood's elite, but it was his turn in the hot seat this week.

This Sleep Safety PSA Will Freak You Out

Prepare yourself before watching this disturbing campaign ad about sleep safety for babies.

6 Things to Do When Your BFF Has a Baby

Wondering how to help a friend who just had a baby? Here's exactly what she needs from you right now.

How Being a Dad Affects Novak Djokovic's Tennis Game

As The World No. 1 Aims for the Title, Fatherhood Is On His Mind

How One Mom Is Using Her Tragic Loss to Help Other Parents

Incredibly, in her darkest moments, Natalie Morgan was thinking of us, her fellow parents, and what lessons her baby's unexpected death might teach us.

Want to Quiet a Crying Baby? Try THIS

Canadian researchers have discovered an effective trick to try during baby's next meltdown.

See One Woman's Journey to Motherhood Using IVF

A recently shared photo is painting a more accurate picture of one woman's journey to motherhood using IVF.

Want a Better Sex Life After Baby? Try This!

A new study may have unlocked the mystery behind being a good parent and having a good sex life.

Breastfeeding Photos Shame Moms for What They Eat

A Brazilian PSA about breastfeeding is sparking anger from moms who feel shamed by the sensational ads.

The Surprising Reason Your Firstborn May Need Glasses

All that extra TLC you're heaping on your firstborn may have a downside: It could impact her vision.

The Surprising Thing That Can Boost Your Baby's Odds of Cavities

Researchers in Japan has discovered yet another reason to stub out your cigarettes: your baby's teeth.

Alyssa Milano Is Winning at Motherhood This Week

We love the empowering ways Milano is celebrating motherhood lately.

Watch This Hilarious Mom Explain Why Breastfeeding in Public Is 'Wrong'

"Put your boobs away, ladies," Kuzmic says jokingly of public breastfeeding. "Unless they're dairy-free. Then show them off."

Baby in Hospital After Mom Put Bourbon in His Bottle

Lori Sheppard said she gave her teething baby bourbon to "soothe his gums."

Carey Mulligan and 3 Other Celebs You Didn't Know Were Pregnant

Carey Mulligan confirmed the birth and baby's gender, but is keeping all other details mum.