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These Are the Best (and Worst!) States to Have a Baby

A new survey found parents in some states have it a little easier than others.

Breastfeeding Photos Shame Moms for What They Eat

A Brazilian PSA about breastfeeding is sparking anger from moms who feel shamed by the sensational ads.

Could a $30 Gadget Prevent Hot-Car Deaths?

A new gadget developed by two dads aims to help prevent parents from leaving babies in hot cars.

These Gorgeous Photos Celebrate the Beauty of Motherhood

A new photography book encourages women to embrace their body after baby.

See the Breastfeeding Selfie That's Firing Up Nursing Moms

Karina Gomez isn't the first mom shamed for breastfeeding in public, but hopefully she's one of the last.

Justin Timberlake Just Gave the Internet Baby Fever

Justin Timberlake appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and shared the cutest photos of his baby boy, Silas.

Do Blinking, Singing Toys Really Teach Babies?

In a study by the University of Hong Kong, researchers concluded that if you're using different kinds stimuli--like sound, sight or touch--to teach your baby basic rules, those stimuli should be congruent, or related.

How Being a Dad Affects Novak Djokovic's Tennis Game

As The World No. 1 Aims for the Title, Fatherhood Is On His Mind

Whoa! This Mom Mixed Vodka Into Her Baby's Formula

A Wisconsin mom got the scare of her life when she realized she mixed her baby's formula with vodka instead of water.

4 Times Babies and Bumps Stole the Show at the Emmys

The 2015 Emmys red carpet was dominated by adorable kiddos, beautiful baby bumps, and stunning post-baby bods.

The Person Most Likely to Infect Your Baby With Pertussis Is...

Think you're covering all of your bases by making sure Grandma is up to date on her vaccinations before visiting your newborn? Think again.