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These Drawings of Your Boobs' Life Cycle Are Funny 'Cause They're True

This mom blogger depicts each stage of a breast's life, from perky to saggy, in hilarious illustrations.

You Have to See This Video of a Baby Born in an Amniotic Sac

This amazing video captures the moments after an en-caul birth.

This May Be the Ultimate Secret to Calming a Crying Baby

The simple hold maneuver shown in this video may be the secret to calming a crying baby.

FDA Warns Against Homeopathic Teething Gels & Tablets: What You Need to Know

There are now 400 reports of adverse side effects--including 10 deaths--associated with these products, according to the FDA.

Baby Inherits Rare, Fourth-Generation Birthmark

This baby's unique birthmark serves as an awesome reminder that we should all embrace one another's differences as beautiful.

Fourth-Grader Invents Device That Could Save Babies' Lives

Too many parents are forgetting their babies in hot cars. A 9-year-old is thinking big to solve that problem.

Mom Nails How Ridiculous Parenting Double Standards Are in One Post

Moms are judged and dads are celebrated for doing the exact same thing, and one blogger's story proves it.

Air Travel Is About to Get a Little Easier for Breastfeeding Moms

Thanks to new laws and companies making cool lacatation stations, airports will be friendlier to nursing mothers in the near future.

6 Things to Do When Your BFF Has a Baby

Wondering how to help a friend who just had a baby? Here's exactly what she needs from you right now.

The Dangerous Stroller Mistake You're Probably Making

Covering your baby's stroller with a blanket to block the sun is a really bad idea.

Amazing! Viral Photo Shows How Breastmilk Changes for Baby's Needs

An Arkansas mom noticed her breastmilk changed when her baby was sick.

13 Must-Take Baby Photos

If you had to guess how many photos of baby you currently have on your smartphone, you'd likely estimate at least 100, right? While your pre-baby camera roll may have been dominated by pics of your perfectly posed brunch and cute selfies with your partner, these days your favorite images to capture are of your little love. The only problem? They grow up so fast! Before the baby days slip away, make sure to check off these must-take photos you'll be sure to cherish when your bundle isn't so little anymore.

Jessie James Decker on Parenting Two Kids: "It's Twice the Love"

American Baby's September 2015 cover girl gets real about the ups and downs of pregnancy, parenting, and losing the baby weight.

Quiz: Are You Too Obsessed With Baby?

Take this quiz to find out if you're going overboard when it comes to your baby.

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This Mom Breastfed at the Zoo, and Something Amazing Happened

This breastfeeding mom got a little support from an unexpected source.

Researchers Uncover Even More Breastfeeding Benefits for Moms

We've heard before that breastfeeding has health benefits for moms as well as their babies, but new research has uncovered even more long-term pluses for mamas who choose this route.

This Breastfeeding Mom's Viral Photo Will Make Your Day

Ever gotten the stink eye for breastfeeding in public? This mom has, and her viral Facebook post against those who shame nursing moms is a must-read.

These Are the Best (and Worst!) States to Have a Baby

A new survey found parents in some states have it a little easier than others.

Wow: Babies' Cries Reveal Just How Early Gender-Stereotyping Starts

New research says babies' cries reveal how early we start gender stereotyping them.

CPSC Says Crib Bumpers Are Totally Unsafe, But Fails to Ban Them

If crib bumpers pose grave dangers to babies, why can parents still buy them at any baby store?

The Internet Is Just Loving This Photo of a 5-Day-Old Preemie's Big Smile

This baby's smile is a reminder of how precious life can be.

This Mom's Tandem Breastfeeding Photo Sparked a Heated Debate

This simple family moment of a mom breastfeeding her two daughters at once spurred a debate online.