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Experimenting With Babies: Under Pressure
Experimenting With Babies: Under Pressure

Research has shown that most babies exhibit a mouth-opening response, known as the Babkin reflex, when pressure is applied to their palms. See it in action, and then try it on your baby at home.

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I have a ? I am trying to find a Agency that does Baby Casting in New York?

I am a Mother of a 6 Months Baby Girl. Everytime people see her they thing she is a Porceland Doll.I wonder if  there is any Casting Agency for Babies in New York that is Reliable. I would want her ... More

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When is a baby officially considered premature?

Although pregnancy is generally 40 weeks long, babies born at 37 weeks are considered full-term (at that point, they're developed enough that they shouldn't have any age-related health issues). Any child born 36 weeks or earlier is considered a preemie, ... More

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Kanye West Spent HOW MUCH on North's Christmas...

If reports are true, then baby North West is in for a stellar Christmas. Dad Kanye is lavishing his daughter with two larger-than-life gifts. babies More

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