Unisex Baby Names

For expectant parents who choose not to find out the sex of their baby before birth, choosing a unisex name may be a great way to go. This list is full of adorable baby names that are perfect for either a little boy or little girl. Some of them are simply unisex nicknames that are cute shortened versions of boy or girl names. A couple of our favorites right now are Charlie and Kennedy.

  1. Parker+ Parker is growing in popularity for both girls and boys. Read more about Parker
  2. Pat+ Pat, which is rarely a name used on its own, is a unisex nickname for such related names as Patrick and Patricia. Read more about Pat
  3. Robin+ Robin is an uncommon name for girls or boys. Read more about Robin
  4. Ryan+ A common boy's name, Ryan has steadily grown in popularity as a unique girl's name. Actor Ryan Phillippe has contributed to its popularity. Read more about Ryan
  5. Sam+ Long the common short name for Samuel or Samantha, Sam is now popular on its own for both genders. Read more about Sam
  6. Shannon+ Shannon is a place name referring to the longest river in Ireland. Read more about Shannon
  7. Shawn+ Shawn is more common as a boy's name, but it was made popular as a girl's name by Olympic medalist Shawn Johnson. Read more about Shawn
  8. Stacey+ No longer a common name for girls or boys, the varied spelling of Stacey works great for both. Read more about Stacey
  9. Taylor+ Taylor is a common surname that is also used as a given name for both girls and boys. Read more about Taylor
  10. Tracey+ This name is a good choice for parents looking for something bouncy with a variety of spellings. Read more about Tracey
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