Unisex Baby Names

For expectant parents who choose not to find out the sex of their baby before birth, choosing a unisex name may be a great way to go. This list is full of adorable baby names that are perfect for either a little boy or little girl. Some of them are simply unisex nicknames that are cute shortened versions of boy or girl names. A couple of our favorites right now are Charlie and Kennedy.

  1. Charlie+ Charlie is a shortened form or nickname for Charles and Charlotte, but also a freestanding given name. It is rising in popularity for girls. Read more about Charlie
  2. Connie+ Connie is a shortened form and nickname for Constance and Constantine, more common for a girl. Read more about Connie
  3. Eli+ Eli is a boy's name, but also a trendy shortened name and nickname for Elizabeth. Read more about Eli
  4. Halle+ Halle, made popular by actress Halle Berry, is also a less common boy's name. Read more about Halle
  5. Jamie+ A nickname for James, Jamie can stand alone as a girl's or boy's name as well. Read more about Jamie
  6. Kelly+ Kelly is a hardworking name that can be found as a first, middle, or surname for both boys and girls. Read more about Kelly
  7. Kennedy+ Inspired by President John F. Kennedy, this name is more commonly found as a girl's name. Read more about Kennedy
  8. Leslie+ A common Scottish-clan surname, Leslie is more common in the feminine form in the United States. Read more about Leslie
  9. Logan+ Logan is a place name that is more common in European nations. Read more about Logan
  10. Morgan+ Morgan is traditionally a boy's name, but its contemporary form is female. Read more about Morgan
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