Unique Spellings of Girl Baby Names

If you like traditional names but want to put a spin on them, take a look at our unique spellings list for inspiration!

  1. Alyce+ Adding a "y" to this name makes it super trendy. Read more about Alyce
  2. Emileigh+ This spelling adds an unexpected twist to the traditional Emily. Read more about Emileigh
  3. Jayne+ This name is anything but plain! Read more about Jayne
  4. Loren+ This spelling is popular in European countries. Read more about Loren
  5. Lynsey+ Lynsey screams flirty and fun-loving. Read more about Lynsey
  6. Ashlee+ This alternate spelling adds an air of sophistication to the traditional Ashley. Read more about Ashlee
  7. Whiteney+ This name has many alternative spellings to choose from; others include Whitni, Whittney, and Whitnie. Read more about Whiteney
  8. Patrizia+ This alternate spelling of Patricia almost makes it a whole new name! Read more about Patrizia
  9. Sandee Sandee is a playful alternative to Sandra.
  10. Zarah+ Traditionally spelled "Zara," this name was derived from the Arabic Zahr and means "flower." Read more about Zarah