Unique Spellings of Boy Baby Names

Some parents desire a completely original, unique baby name. One way to do that is to change the spelling of a common baby name. These names will knock your socks off!

  1. Aron+ Dropping the second "a" in this name gives it star appeal. Musician Elvis Presley sometimes spelled his middle name this way. Read more about Aron
  2. Benjamyn Substituting a "y" for the typical "i" at the end of Benjamyn gives this name an airy feel.
  3. Braidie+ The original form of this name, Brady, is a modern favorite of U.S. mamas. Read more about Braidie
  4. Braydyn+ Braydyn is a unique spelling of Braden, an uncommon name even without an alternate spelling! Read more about Braydyn
  5. Danyll Danyll is a unique spelling for Daniel, a popular boy's name that has a religious background.
  6. Eryck Composer and musician Eryck Abecassis uses this unique spelling of Eric.
  7. Jourden This name is an uncommon spelling for Jordan. Jordan is among the top 50 most popular names for boys.
  8. Kynidii This unique spelling for Kennedy hearkens the nation's 35th president. Other unusual spellings include Kennedi.
  9. Loundin Loundin is the uncommon spelling of the popular name London. London has risen in popularity over the past decade.
  10. Riyan This variation of Ryan is also the name of a village in eastern Yemen.