Baby Names for Twin Boys

If you are having twin boys, check out our list of cool combinations. We've looked at famous twins, similar-sounding names, and popular twin names from the past few years. Another easy way to pick twin names that go together well is to choose names that start or end with the same sound, such as Carson and Carter or Benjamin and Simon.

  1. Fred and George Fred and George are famous twins from the Harry Potter series.
  2. Isaac and Isaiah These biblical names mean "laughter" and "salvation of God."
  3. Daniel and David Daniel and David were the second most popular choice for twin boys in 2008, and third in 2006 and 2007.
  4. Jacob and Joshua Jacob and Joshua were the top choice for twin boys from 2005 to 2009.
  5. Jayden and Jordan These names are both climbing the charts in popularity.
  6. Matthew and Michael These two names have lovely meanings for your precious duo. Matthew means "gift of God" and Michael means "resembles God."
  7. Parker and Porter Parker and Porter are famous twins from the TV show Desperate Housewives.
  8. Jayden and Jaylen These names are cute for twins because of how similar they sound.
  9. Taylor and Tyler These two names can be perfect for girl-boy twins as well.
  10. Hayden and Hunter We love the way these names roll off the tongue.